The 10 Best Robert De Niro Movies, Ranked


by Unknown author

With that said, we think we have a pretty solid grasp on the best of Robert De Niro, and have run through the greatest films he been a part of and considered how he elevated them in the ranking consideration. Cape Fear is a remake, but it is elevated in part by Martin Scorsese injecting his own style into the film and Robert De Niro chilling transformation.

In addition to the ghastly performance as Cady, De Niro paid a doctor to grind down his teeth, and worked out until he allegedly got down to 4% body fat.

Hollywood has tried to recapture that magic a couple times since, with both actors appearing in the movie Righteous Kill and the upcoming Netflix original The Irishman. Kevin Costner leads (but in some ways trailed behind De Niro) as Eliot Ness in his effort to bring down the great Al Capone during Prohibition.

The King Of Comedy (1982) A super fan of a television host gets a little too comfy in this Robert De Niro movie, as he plays wannabee celebrity-turned-stalker Rupert Pupkin. Even if some scenes were deemed inaccurate by war experts, this emotional depiction of Vietnam shows the true terrors of warfare and its impact on those who served our country.

Taxi Driver is unquestionably one of the duo best as Travis Bickle goes from dangerous and slightly unhinged working class man to bona fide hero.

It kind of hilarious considering Ray Liotta Henry is the actual protagonist, but as this list has shown, De Niro tends to be fantastic regardless of whether he the star or supporting actor.

Published on August 9, 2019
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