Chernobyl: 10 Other Historical Events From The Soviet Union That Deserve Their Own Miniseries


by Jason Wojnar

Related: 10 Best TV Shows Of 2019, So FarFor this list, we will be looking at ten periods from the Soviet Union history interesting enough to warrant their own miniseries. Given the nature of events that audiences may find intriguing, most of these entries will reference extremely dour incidents, so those especially sensitive to the saddest bits of history have been warned. Why should one face such a cruel fate for simply trying to cross a line?

8 Hungarian Revolution Of 1956From the end of October to the beginning of November 1956, people took to the streets in Hungary in armed resistance against the government.

Only since the dissolution of the Soviet Union has study and discussion on the failed uprising taken place. 7 Soviet-Afghan WarThis almost decade long conflict is far too complex to summarize in one entry.

The deployment of Soviet troops is now considered a mistake, and the United States did not help matters by supporting the opposing mujahideen, something that would later come back to haunt them. War never changes, making this dark chapter endlessly relevant.

6 Ukrainian-Soviet WarUkraine enjoyed short-lived independence but fighting within the country quickly ensued before it came under the Soviet Union control. What makes this period standout is Stalin paranoia, which led to the imprisonment and death of his own comrades.

3 Babi YarBabi Yar is a ravine in Kyiv, Ukraine where over one hundred thousand people were executed during the Nazi occupation of the city.

Participating in such a large scale conflict is something only those who were there could fully understand, but a series detailing the operation and human toll would go a long way to preserving its history. One obstacle to a project like this would be the immense budget required to convincingly recreate this massive war zone. 1 HolodomorThe word Holodomor roughly translates to death by hunger in Ukrainian.

Published on August 11, 2019
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