'The Lighthouse': New Trailer Sees Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe Fight Over Secrets



Allie Gemmill:

0A24 has released a second trailer for The Lighthouse a little over a month after the first one arrived to stir up all kinds of curiosity about director Robert Eggers' sophomore feature film. The latest Lighthouse trailer begins with Thomas (Pattinson) inquiring about the last man assigned to help Ephraim (Dafoe) take care of the lighthouse situated on a craggy rock somewhere eternally gloomy. With a turn-of-the-century accent spoken in a tone as jagged as the rocks that surround the lighthouse, Ephraim tells Thomas the last man went mad, believing there was 'some enchantment in the light.

'If that not enough of a signal to you that things get increasingly unnerving in this Lighthouse trailer, than I do not know what will.

Ephraim is suspicious of Thomas' origin story, mentioning the danger of secrets (keep a pin in that if and when you watch, folks).

Things get peak-weird when Thomas and Ephraim get locked in the worst Dude Where My Car-meets-Meisner repetition exercise moment as they continually repeat 'What? ' That ignoring all of the fog, a quick glimpse as what is quite possibly a corpse, and an octopus tentacle slithering overhead as Thomas hides from it.

All in all, Eggers has seemingly managed to up the ante on his use of both atmospheric tension and minimalism to evoke some truly unsettling results.

Check out the latest trailer below:And here the enigmatic, albeit quite brief, synopsis for The Lighthouse:

Published on September 9, 2019
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