Thursday Sep 12, 2019

Midway Trailer #2: Roland Emmerich Brings WWII to Explosive Life



Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedRoland Emmerich brings WWII to explosive life in the second trailer for the war epic Midway. The director has also dipped his toe in the historical drama pool, helming the Mel Gibson Revolutionary War movie The Patriot as well as the controversial Stonewall. The movie definitely has a cast worthy of its big subject matter, with Luke Evans, Patrick Wilson, Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson, Ed Skrein, Nick Jonas and Aaron Eckhart all signed up to help bring the heroic Battle of Midway to life on the big screen.

Smarting from their failure to see Pearl Harbor coming, American intelligence immediately goes to work trying to figure out the Japanese Empire next move. Legendary Admiral Chester Nimitz (Harrelson) sums up what America must do next, saying 'We…. is a property of
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