Friday Sep 13, 2019

HBO’s Watchmen Official Trailer Begins To Explain The Rorschach Cult



HBO Watchmen Official trailer Begins To Explain The Rorschach Cult. Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedThe Rorschach cult plans begin to come into focus in the official Watchmen trailer for Damon Lindelof HBO series. Based on the acclaimed Alan Moore graphic novel, Lindelof is set to tell a new tale in the Watchmen universe later this year.

Some other familiar elements of the world established by the graphic novel will appear, but the focus of the series is on Tulsa detective Angela Abar (Regina King). There are teases to the backstory of Abar vigilante ways, as well as some explanation of the Rorschach cult. The trailer reinforces that the Rorschach cult, known as the Seventh Cavalry, is at war with the Tulsa police and are viewed as terrorists by local law enforcement. Chief Judd…. is a property of
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