Trailer for 'Tell Me Who I Am' About a Twin Brother Without Memories


by Alex Billington

trailer for 'Tell Me Who I Am' About a Twin Brother Without Memories'I have been lying for 20 years. ' Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for a documentary titled Tell Me Who I Am, made by doc director Ed Perkins. This is the ethical dilemma that Marcus Lewis faced when his identical twin Alex awakened after a motorcycle accident and Marcus was the only person Alex recognized.

Tell Me Who I Am is a very heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful voyage that explores the blurred boundaries of memory and reality, and emotional bonds that allow us to survive. Here the official trailer (+ poster) for Ed Perkins' doc Tell Me Who I Am, direct from Netflix You Tube:When 18-year-old Alex Lewis wakes up from a coma after surviving a motorcycle accident, the world is not one he remembers. The only thing he does know is that the person sitting next to him is his identical twin brother, Marcus.

Alex relies on Marcus to give him his memory back; to tell him who he is. But the idyllic childhood Marcus paints for his twin conceals a dark family secret.

Now, after decades of hiding the painful realities of their past, Alex and Marcus go on an extraordinary journey together to face the truth and to finally discover who Alex really is. Netflix will debut Perkins' Tell Me Who I Am doc streaming exclusively starting on October 18th.

Published on October 8, 2019
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