Review: The Gentlemen


by Blake Howard

Ritchie knows the rules, knows who he is and owning his storytelling craft - leading to a collision of crassness, class satire and virtuosic application of the word 'c-nt' that I imagine is going to only grow in appreciation with each re-watch. An international buyer in the wings (the confident and disarming Jeremy Strong), fierce competition (the brash and handsome Henry Golding) and circling media vultures (Hugh Grant) all sense there is opportunity to sabotage or secure the throne.

Grant Fletcher - The Gentlemen mostly reliable, camp and greedy tour guide holding court with Hunnam Raymond, maybe the most exceptional performance of the actor career. The risk of stalling the momentum of the story to return to the narrator is overcome in how infectious Grant joy as this camp cockroach can be while swills expensive liquor and requests some barbecued Wagyu from his begrudging and far too accommodating (though not without reason) host. Mc Conaughey power drips from him in fashion, aura and a series of transfixing flashbacks of a young Mickey (whose face we never see) followed into situations of dealing drugs and death.

'The Gentlemen' begins in the halls of power, but has an ear to the ground with Fletcher and with Colin Farrell fast-talking Irish fighting Coach and his crew of boys - the self-proclaimed 'Toddlers. ' He a guardian angel, and cantankerous Irish 'Mickey' for this next generation of Rocky, led by Bugzy Malone Ernie (grime rapper turned actor). These boys are not exactly subtle as they splash their dirty deeds and ill-gotten gains on the internet in slow-motion break-dance music videos with 'Spring Breakers' ski-masks and matching tracksuits that scream their lower-class status and internal resentment of it.

His break-out 'Lock stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and its superior follow-up 'Snatch' have grown more entertaining with decades of miles and edges that wo not blunt.

Published on January 13, 2020
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