It's Jackie Chan vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Iron Mask Trailer


by Maggie Dela Paz

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Iron Mask trailer. It Jackie Chan vs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Iron Mask trailerSignature Entertainment has released the official trailer for their upcoming action fantasy film The Iron Mask, a follow-up to the 2014 film The Forbidden Kingdom/ Viy that was loosely based on author Nikolai Gogol novel of the same name. Starring iconic action stars Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film will hit the theaters in the UK and on digital on April 10. Check out the video in the player below!

RELATED: Red Notice: Filming Begins on Netflix All-Star Action Comedy FilmThe Iron Mask is a high concept fantasy historical epic featuring breath-taking fights and stunning visuals.

Set in the 18th century, The film follows English traveler Jonathan Green as he journeys from Russia to China encountering dragons, black magic wizardry, and a dragon king during an incredible but deadly adventure. The film will star Jason Flemyng (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) who are reprising their roles as Jonathan Green and Lord Dudley from the first film.

Joining them are action legends Jackie Chan (Rush Hour) as Master and Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) as James Hook along with the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner).

RELATED: Exclusive Tuscaloosa trailer: Devon Bostick, Natalia Dyer Fall in LoveThe Iron Mask is directed by Oleg Stepchenko from a screenplay he co-wrote with Alexey Petrukhin and Dmitri Palees. It is produced by Gleb Fetisov, Petrukhin and Sergey Sozanovsky.

Published on February 13, 2020
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