‘Crip Camp’ Film Review: Stirring Documentary Recalls Training Ground for Disability Rights Activists

'Crip Camp' Review: Stirring Documentary Highlights Disability Rights. Ableism is still one of the most ignored and unaddressed prejudices, which makes the arrival via Netflix of the smash Sundance-premiered documentary 'Crip Camp' a timely one for sequestered movie-watchers open to being reminded of our world diversity of experiences. In the category of documentaries that demand we assess the kind of society we want, Nicole Newnham and Jim Le Brecht personality-rich history is as engaging and inspiring as they come, the origin story for a league of not-so-widely-known, real-life superheroes.

We learn of a hierarchy of disability -- based on notions of social normalcy as dictated by everyone else -- that put 'polios' on top and 'CPs' (cerebral palsy) at the bottom, all of which was….

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