Inheritance Review

Rating:4. 5/10Cast:Lily Collins as Lauren MonroeSimon Pegg as Morgan WarnerConnie Nielsen as Catherine MonroeChace Crawford as William MonroePatrick Warburton as Archer MonroeMarque Richardson as ScottMichael Beach as Harold ThewlisJoe Herrera as Det. Emilio SanchezLucas Alexander Ayoub as Eddie ParkerChristine De Rosa as Sofia FioreDirected by Vaughn SteinPick up your Digital HD copy of Inheritance here! Inheritance Review:After over a decade of rocking the world of comedy, Simon Pegg has seen something of a career revival with more serious turns in the Mission: Impossible franchise and indie darling Lost Transmissions and his latest effort, Inheritance, which reunites him with Terminal director Vaughn Stein, certainly proves himself a worthy performer in the thriller genre, even when…. is a property of
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