Liam McIntyre & Aundrea Smith Fight Zombies in 'The Clearing' Trailer


by Alex Billington

Liam Mc Intyre & Aundrea Smith Fight Zombies in 'The Clearing' trailer'Run! ' Crackle has unveiled the official trailer for an indie zombie horror film titled The Clearing, which will be premiering exclusively on the Crackle Channel streaming early next month. The zombie thriller stars Liam Mc Intyre as a father who takes his young daughter, played by Aundrea Smith (seen on 'Diary of a Future President'), on a weekend camping trip during a mysterious disease outbreak.

They end up trapped in his camper in a clearing near the woods, fighting vicious zombies in hopes of making it out alive. Writer/director David Matalon goal with this was 'to pay homage to beloved zombie tropes while blazing his own way with imaginative screenwriting and innovative filmmaking techniques. ' Here the first official trailer (+ poster) for David Matalon The Clearing, direct from You Tube:At the dawn of a zombie apocalypse, The Clearing unfolds amid tensions between Tom (Liam Mc Intyre) and his wife (Sydelle Noel) over his parental responsibilities and the time he spends with his daughter Mira (Aundrea Smith).

Tom takes Mira on a camping trip, only to discover the impending disaster that leaves the pair trapped in a clearing in the woods, fighting to make it out alive.

The Clearing is written and directed by first-time filmmaker David Matalon, making his feature directorial debut after a couple of short films previously. Produced by Zack Blinder, Jonathan Jay Piumelli, Mark Sayre.

Published on May 22, 2020
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