Friday Oct 16, 2020

Official Trailer for Documentary 'The Letter' About A Kenyan Family



. . ' Circle & Square Films has released a promo trailer for The Letter, a doc from Kenya that is screening at film festivals this fall.

This originally premiered at the IDFA Doc Festival last year, and is still looking for a release - but this trailer is to bring attention to its next fest stops (DOC NYC; Denver, Tallgrass, Sante Fe Film Festivals). A Kenyan family drama of Shakespearean proportions, The Letter is a tribute to the fearless spirit of 94-year old Margaret Kamango. Filmed with a gentle pace and incredible closeness, it is an intimate family portrait that ascends into a dramatic climax. Karisa city-life is interrupted when his Grandma back home is called a witch and receives a death threat. Returning to his rural village to investigate, he finds a frenzied mixture of…. is a property of
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