Friday Oct 16, 2020

Love and Monsters (Film Review)



But just because there are not very high expectations does not mean this teen/early-20s-geared-romance-creature-feature does not find ways to fall short of them, namely with a romance that does not go beyond some starry-eyed wistfulness, thinly written characters, and only a handful of mutated creatures that, more often than not, are trapped within frustratingly dull carnage. Recounted over narration and illustrated with own drawings of various creatures and calamities by leading hero Joel Dawson (Dylan O'Brien) (heavily alluding to the influence of another post-apocalyptic comedy, ZOMBIELAND) L&M takes places seven years after all the countries of the world banded together to launch their nukes at an incoming meteor, only for the radiation and chemicals to rain down as a result and turn…. is a property of
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