The Devil Has a Name Review: The Fight Against Big Oil Becomes Pulpy Entertainment

THE DEVIL HAS A NAME - Official Trailer
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Big Oil has been wrecking the environment for decades with spills, fires, and wastewater ponds amongst other atrocities to Mother Nature that place their bottom line above morality. They have the money to do it and the power to avoid any consequences--at least those that ultimately cost more than the price of overhauling the industry in a way that would make them compliant where Earth sustainability is concerned. While The Devil Has a Name almond farmer dead-set on war against Central Valley California Shore Oil and Gas is not really one of those lives, screenwriter Robert Mc Eveety did base him on one.

Fred spent fourteen years in civil court opposite high-priced lawyers with a bottomless wealth of coercive and slanderous tactics that threatened to ruin his reputation and destroy…. is a property of
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