BFI London Review: Colin Firth & Stanley Tucci Exude a Powerful Love in Supernova

SUPERNOVA - Official Trailer - Starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci
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We are all going to die and part of life is watching it happen to the people we love, whether it a sudden shock or the slow process of witnessing them lose themselves. How do you live with the knowledge that you are going to outlive your partner? That one of the main questions that Supernova, the affecting new drama from Hinderland director Harry Macqueen, poses to its audience. Death feels like an inevitability in the road trip the English director depicts here, whether that is the physical reality of no longer being alive or gradually losing all the memories that define one personhood.

Over the course of their road trip in an old RV, they celebrate their years of love together, reunite with family members for a party and, most importantly, confront the inescapable reality of Tusker…. is a property of
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