US Trailer for Comedy 'Lowdown Dirty Criminals' from New Zealand

Lowdown Dirty Criminals - Official Movie Trailer (2020)
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! ' Dark Star Films has debuted a new official US trailer for the New Zealand dark comedy called Lowdown Dirty Criminals, made by filmmaker Paul Murphy (Second Hand Wedding and Love Birds). Two wannabe gangsters find themselves in a hilariously off-kilter predicament when a botched job leaves them the target of the underworld finest. It closest in tone and style to Guy Ritchie 1998 film Lock, stock and Two Smoking Barrels, with a Kiwi edge.

The film ensemble cast includes James Rolleston, Samuel Austin, Scott Wills, Min Kim, Cohen Holloway, Robbie Magasiva, and Rebecca Gibney as 'uber gangster The Upholsterer'. Here the first official trailer (+ poster) for Paul Murphy Lowdown Dirty Criminals, from You Tube:And here the original New Zealand trailer for Murphy Lowdown Dirty Criminals,…. is a property of
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