Thursday Nov 19, 2020

But I’m a Cheerleader Director’s Cut Trailer Revitalizes a Queer Camp Classic



But I'm a Cheerleader Director cut trailer Revitalizes a Queer Camp Classic. Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Jamie Babbit bubbly and sharp queer camp classic, But I'm a Cheerleader; Lionsgate has dropped a trailer for the 4K Directors cut release out early next month. A subversion of the prudish after school special nature of sexual confusion polemics - the story follows the strait-laced Megan (Natasha Lyonne), a cheerleader who is sent to a gay conversion camp by her parents when they suspect she may be a lesbian.

It immediately clear that this conversion camp is not the usual subterranean institution that come to mind when one hears the term. It a deliciously gaudy place full of flamboyantly hypocritical counselors and other 'troubled' youth who are just trying to come to…. is a property of
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