Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage (Review)

Enter mankind best hope at defeating Brax, a fighter named Jake Barnes (Alain Moussi) who one of the chosen fighters deemed as earth champions, but there only one problem: he has no memory of his mission and worse, does not believe he has what it takes to defeat the alien threat. REVIEW: If JIU JITSU had been made in the nineties, it would have probably been really low budget and starred a DTV icon like Lorenzo Lamas or Mark Dacascos, or maybe even someone like Jeff Speakman. In the end, though, the chintzy visuals are easy to overlook, as really who cares in a movie like this, which is all about the fighting, which is ok - although some of Logothetis ideas do not quite work.

Moussi has not got the appeal or presence of someone like Scot Adkins yet, but he serviceable and certainly….

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