Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

'Ruth: Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words' Documentary Film Trailer

on firstshowing.net


How did Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work as a litigator for the ACLU's Women's Rights Project; as a professor; and as an appellate judge make a difference? Most importantly how did her trailblazing work in the l970’s arguing landmark gender discrimination cases before the Supreme Court become a turning point for her and the everyday lives of men and women? And how does Justice Ginsburg’s pioneering work on behalf of gender equality continue to resonate through her opinions and work during her 27 years on the Supreme Court? Ruth: Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words is directed by acclaimed doc filmmaker Freida Lee Mock, director of docs Maya Lin, Return with Honor, Bird by Bird with Annie, Wrestling with Angels, Sing China, G-Dog, and Anita: Speaking Truth to Power previously. How does a….

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