Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

First Trailer for 'Hurt by Paradise' Film - Known as British 'Francis Ha'



'I need you to focus on your life… Think about the things that you want to know…' Trinity Creative has just revealed an official trailer for an acclaimed British indie film titled Hurt by Paradise, which premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2019, also stopping by the Raindance Film Festival. It's described as 'the British Francis Ha… a heartfelt love letter to female friendship and London, from first time writer/director Greta Bellamacina,' who also stars in the film as Celeste Blackwood. Hurt by Paradise is both written & directed by British actress / filmmaker Greta Bellamacina, making her first narrative feature after directing the doc The Safe House: A Decline of Ideas previously.

This first premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2019, and also stopped by the…. is a property of
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