Friday Mar 5, 2021

Coming 2 America Review: Bland Comedy Sequel Extinguishes the Fire of the Original



Casual fans of Coming to America will have plenty of cameos and references to fawn over, but the fire and energy found in Murphy and Hall’s alter-ego performances (like the iconic cursing barbers of My-T-Sharp) have all but been extinguished. The flimsy narrative switcheroo concocted for its sequel, Coming 2 America—directed by Craig Brewer, who reunites with Murphy after Dolemite Is My Name—contains none of the original film’s overt criticism and anger about capitalism, greed, and consumerism. Facing an arranged marriage he does not believe in, the nation’s pampered young prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) defies all cultural and traditional norms and visits Queens, NY, hoping to discover true love.

Coming to America’s lovely opening shot descends through clouds, down to the…. is a property of
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