Friday Mar 5, 2021

How ‘Nomadland’ Cinematographer Survived a Scorpion Bite and ‘The Crud’ to Shoot Oscar Favorite



While filming “Nomadland,” Richards was operating the camera and filming Frances McDormand, playing the main character, Fern, as she rearranged items in the Ford van that is also her home. Cinematographer Joshua James Richards, an awards magnet for his gorgeous orangey work on “Nomandland,” has spent most of his career out in the real, rural world. “Chloé was born and raised in Beijing and I’m from a fishing town called Penzance in the south of England,” Richards said.

Richards also contracted “the Crud,” a flu-like illness which stands for Common Respiratory Unknown Disease. His credits include three features with “Nomadland” director (and his partner in life), Chloé Zhao, all made in the American West or Midwest, where scorpions dance maniacally along the desert…. is a property of
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