Friday Mar 5, 2021

How ‘My Favorite War’ Put a Country’s Collective Trauma Into Animated Documentary



An animated documentary that mixes history and a personal story in the manner of the 2007 Oscar-nominated film “Persepolis,” “My Favorite War” finds Latvian director Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen examining her childhood during the Cold War, when Latvia was under Soviet occupation. The film’s central character is a young girl named Ilze, whose recollections are intercut with occasional historical footage that the director said is “additional proof that it all happened.” Deliberately and effectively unsentimental in its view of childhood, the film finds Ilze uncovering the remains of a Nazi soldier in her sandbox at one point and undergoing the conflict of having a father who joined the Communist Party to advance his career at another; it’s an intricate mixture of the personal and…. is a property of
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