Wednesday Apr 7, 2021

Awaken Review: An Awe-Inspiring Sensory Experience That Treads Familiar Waters



The film’s main calling card––being executive produced by Terrence Malick and Godfrey Reggio––inevitably also sets a perhaps unfairly high bar as the film falls short of achieving the masterful rhythm and level of insightful connection between humanity, nature, and technology found in its clear inspirations. With Lowe also having worked with Malick on Knight of Cups, Song to Song, and Voyage of Time (the film that shares the most DNA with Awaken), admirers of the executive producers’ work can’t help but notice what’s borrowed. Shot in 4K over five years across 30 countries, Lowe orchestrates a non-narrative approach, letting the footage mostly speak for itself, accompanied by Joseph Trapanese’s bombastic orchestral score and sparsely doled-out, poetic voice-over from Liv…. is a property of
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