Wednesday Apr 7, 2021

Netflix's First Jupiter's Legacy Trailer Changes Up Mark Millar's Superhero Comic But Still Looks Badass



Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's widely acclaimed comic book series Jupiter's Legacy is one the platform's next powered-up dramas, and it looks like an emotional and action-packed journey into a superhero family's heritage (both literally and metaphorically) led by Transformers vet Josh Duhamel. The first thing that comic book fans will notice is that the Jupiter's Legacy TV show definitely doesn't look like a beat-for-beat interpretation of the often NSFW comic book series, which centers on the multi-generational superhero team dubbed The Union. Considering Mark Millar is the comic book storyteller behind such popular hits as the kick Ass movies and the Kingsman films, fans can expect to see some subversive and off-kilter moments during Jupiter's Legacy, but also some important takes on…. is a property of
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