Wednesday Apr 7, 2021

The Nevers TV Review



Aside from the bigger budget that imbues the series with some excellent production values, so much of The Nevers feels like it has been done before, and better, in previous Whedon projects. Led by Laura Donnelly as leader Amalia True and Ann Skelly as the inventive Penance Adair, the heroic characters are known as The Touched, primarily women who all gained abilities of varied kinds during a mysterious event three years before the series begins. The only thing that is for certain is that The Nevers rarely feels like a cohesive tale but one trying to cram too much into a shorter, marquee cable series run of ten episodes.

Review: It is difficult to review The Nevers, the new HBO genre series debuting on Sunday, without discussing Joss Whedon. Like FOX's recently cancelled Marvel series…. is a property of
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