Monday Apr 19, 2021

Kelsey Grammer is an Old Rocker in Trailer for 'The Space Between'



'My life seems to be veering off somewhere… Do you know how long its been since I've played anything?!' Paramount Pictures has revealed an official trailer for a dramedy titled The Space Between, marking the feature directorial debut of producer Rachel Winter. Kelsey Grammer stars as an aging, gone-mad rock musician named Micky Adams in this 'inspiring coming of age story,' set during the iconic '90s LA music scene. The Space Between is directed by producer Rachel Winter (fka Rachel Rothman), making her feature directorial debut after only directing the TV series 'Fielders Choice' previously.

Micky Adams (Kelsey Grammer), an eccentric has-been rock musician, loses his grip on reality all while his record label is looking to drop him and his newly created “unique” albums. In hopes of…. is a property of
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