Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

‘Promising Young Woman’ Director Emerald Fennell on How She Created a Safe Space on Set (Video)



“It was very important to me to keep the atmosphere on set light because, you know, we were asking actors to come in for half a day to really expose difficult stuff,” Fennell told TheWrap’s editor in chief, Sharon Waxman, during TheWrap’s Award Screening Series. “And so I suppose the thing that was very disturbing to me, and that was important about making this film, was touching on what happens when as a society, we just kind of agree that something is fine and it’s a gray area and it’s icky, not great. “There’s a reason women don’t resort to violence and it’s because they don’t win,” Fennell said.

“When it came to that scene, it was always going to be horrific because — again, very difficult to talk about without spoilers, but it’s shot in real time in…. is a property of
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