Wednesday Jul 21, 2021

Midnight in the Switchgrass Review: Megan Fox Navigates a Generic Crime Drama



While Helter waits in the car, she’s entrapping online sex offenders to come to seedy motels and “have a good time.” Her focus is on one specific man, but he’s been a no-show for days thanks to unplanned interruptions (Machine Gun Kelly, playing a pimp in an uncredited role) and inability to wait due to her own superiors getting frustrated about the money they’ve been spending to save wayward souls. Will Crawford find her in time? Will Lombardo escape? What about the other missing girl (Caitlin Carmichael’s Tracey)? Or Peter’s young daughter (Olive Elise Abercrombie’s Bethany)? There are attempts to make us think about families and sacrifice and collateral damage, none of it really landing since we never spend enough time with anyone to care about them outside how they…. is a property of
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