Wednesday Jul 21, 2021

‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’ Teaser: Netflix’s Anime Prequel Introduces Geralt’s Dashing Mentor



(McTavish appears to be double-dipping in The Witcher universe, as he will also appear as Dijkstra in season two of the live-action series.) Mary McDonnell voices Lady Zerbst, who we don’t get to see in the teaser. The trailer gives us our first good look at young Vesemir, who will appear in his older form on season 2 of the live-action series. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf was written and produced by Beau DeMayo, who wrote The Witcher series for Netflix.

While he’s being portrayed by Kim Bodnia on the live-action series, young Vesemir is voiced by Divergent actor Theo James. The series is about the adventures of young Vesemir, who goes on to become the Witcher Geralt’s mentor. You can also catch the grizzled elder version of Vesemir on season two of The Witcher, which debuts…. is a property of
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