Wednesday Jul 21, 2021

Cannes Review: Three Floors is Nanni Moretti in Brash Soap-Operatic Mode



This irony, self-awareness, and self-referentiality may elude viewers of this new ensemble drama: there’s no obligation to always keep a director’s prior work in mind, but have they forgotten Moretti’s influence from psychoanalysis, its invocation to scope “what lies beneath”? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but maybe it’s naive to see this as a simple affair celebrating and defending bourgeois mores––although the flurry of incident and the crisscrossing, quasi-Richard Curtis narrative throughline help arouse some of Moretti’s weaker, more sentimental instincts. But if we are to defend Three Floors it’s with recourse to Moretti’s deeper interests, namely in psychoanalysis and (even if it seems a stretch) left-wing politics, which help explain what he’s up to in…. is a property of
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