Sunday Aug 15, 2021

First Trailer for 'Time Is Up' with Bella Thorne & Benjamin Mascolo



Time Is Up is directed by Italian filmmaker Elisa Amoruso, director of the film Sirley, and the docs Off Road, Strane Straniere, Chiara Ferragni: Unposted, and Bellissime, previously; as well as numerous other short films. 'The bond between two particles is only valid in the microscopic realm.' Voltage Pictures has unveiled an official US trailer for an existential romantic drama titled Time Is Up, made by Italian filmmaker Elisa Amoruso. An unexpected series of events bring together two high school seniors, Vivien (Bella Thorne) who's a very accomplished student with a passion for physics, and Roy (Benjamin Mascolo) a troubled young man and forces them to start living their lives.

An accident will force 'Vivien' and Royan to come to a stop and reclaim their lives, one minute at the time,…. is a property of
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