Sunday Aug 15, 2021

Locarno Review: Zeros and Ones Finds Abel Ferrara Channeling the Fury of His Early Work



Despite any narrative confusion at hand, Zeros and Ones finds a through line in continuing the intense introspection of Ferrara’s previous features Tommaso and Siberia. Realizing the current moment as a blur, or rather an incomprehensible stream of data (hence the title), it comes close to what you’d imagine if Ferrara’s friend Michael Mann were working on a paltry budget and allowed to see his macho abstraction to its fullest. His conscience is seemingly awakened when, in an underground contraband video compound and brothel (yes), he finds captured footage of his revolutionary brother Justin (Hawke again) being interrogated by the seemingly fascist forces he works for.

For all the dourness at hand it’s easy to be disarmed by the abrupt optimism at film’s end, concluding on an…. is a property of
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