Sunday Aug 15, 2021

Showtime Docuseries ‘Buried’ Follows Case Of Woman Who Repressed Memory Of A Murder By Her Father For 20 Years – Teaser & Premiere Date



A co-production of MA Productions and Guendelman & Timor Productions, Buried is executive produced by Yotam Guendelman (Shadow of Truth), Mika Timor (Coastal Road Killer), Maor Azran (Beauty and the Baker) and Dan Adler (Noel). Through riveting first-person testimonials of family, neighbors, memory experts, law enforcement, mental health professionals and many others, the docuseries explores the impact of Eileen’s memory on not only the Franklin family but also the legal and mental health communities writ large. That’s a newspaper headline used in Buried, a Showtime docuseries that spotlights the reverberations of the first criminal case based on a recovered memory and analyzes how fallible and malleable the mind can be.

It led to the reopening of the long-cold case of 8-year-old…. is a property of
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