Sunday Aug 15, 2021

Jon Bernthal & Shea Whigham in 'Small Engine Repair' Film Trailer



'I wanted tonight to be special.' Vertical Entertainment has released a full trailer for an indie film titled Small Engine Repair, a feature film adaptation of the stage play by John Pollono. Small Engine Repair is both written and directed by the American actor / writer / filmmaker John Pollono, making his feature directorial debut after writing the scripts for a few other films. Based on Pollono's award-winning play, Small Engine Repair is a pitch-black comedic drama with a wicked twist, and a powerful exploration of brotherhood, class struggle and toxic masculinity.

will debut Pollono's Small Engine Repair film in select US theaters starting on September 10th, 2021 coming soon. Frank (John Pollono), Swaino (Jon Bernthal) and Packie (Shea Whigham) are lifelong friends who share a love…. is a property of
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