Sunday Aug 15, 2021

Fantasia Review: What Josiah Saw Depicts a Shared Horror with a Potent Payoff



Is God offering the Graham family a chance to save poor Miriam’s soul? Or is it the Devil offering a fool’s bargain with the intent to expose a truth they’ve buried deep within the soil of that cursed land? Because it isn’t just Josiah and Tommy who have a part in this game. Their shared past becomes the through-line connecting everything as Eli’s latest predicament puts him face-to-face with a fortune-teller talking about a mother burning in Hell while Mary’s emotional struggle with the prospect of adoption speaks to trauma that may reveal more than mere grief. Is it what Josiah just saw to let God into his heart? Or is it a recollection of something seen years ago—something so heinous that it drove Miriam to the noose? Add the very real possibility that everything we’re…. is a property of
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