Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

‘Demonic’ Review: Neill Blomkamp’s Dull Entry Into Horror is Devoid of Scares

on slashfilm.com


Blomkamp deliberately shoots scenes of Carly wandering around the simulation to resemble the overhead view in so many Sims games, and we get to watch Carly wander around digital backgrounds that sort of look real but have a hint of unreality. After several unpleasant visits into Angela’s video game brain, Carly begins to suspect that her mother didn’t just snap one day and decide to kill a bunch of people – something more sinister, and supernatural, might be at work. Every one of his features following District 9 has been a disappointment, and perhaps realizing he could use a change of scenery, Blomkamp has switched from sci-fi to horror with Demonic.

As the doctors at Therapol explain, impulses from the brain are redirected into a virtual space, and other people can then have their….

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