Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Victoria Justice Wants to Be an Angel in 'Afterlife of the Party' Trailer

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Afterlife of the Party is directed by American filmmaker Stephen Herek, director of Critters, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, The Mighty Ducks, The Three Musketeers, Mr. When she finds herself in the waiting room of the afterlife, Cassie meets Val, her guardian angel, who explains she has five days as an angel-in-training to make things right on Earth with the people who meant the most to her: her lifelong best friend Lisa (Francis), her grieving father, and her estranged mother. 'You have a whole world out there and you are missing it!' Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for a quirky comedy called Afterlife of the Party, featuring Victoria Justice as a 'party planner and social butterfly' who heads to the afterlife after a birthday accident.….

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