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Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week we hoard some shoes in the Philippines, go out murdering with our bestie, break our back, go behind the music at a small club where debauchery was the norm, and find inspiration in some kids who play high scho[...]

HBO has debuted an official trailer for the documentary titled The Apollo, the definitive doc film about (the past and present of) New York City iconic Apollo Theater venue located in Harlem. The Apollo first opened in 1914 (as a burlesque theater) and has survived over 100 years, still operating today as an NYC entertainment mainstay.

Located on West 125th Street (here) between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boul[...]

Radio Commander commitment to a visual-free military strategy game is an interesting concept, but the execution leaves a fair bit to be desired. Smaller scale titles like Age of Empires or Command & Conquer include fog of war to add a layer of mystery to enemy movements, while grander 4X games like Stellaris provide users with an even greater [...]

Ben Affleck steals the show in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, going back to his true Hollywood roots to provide Kevin Smith with a short but sweet cameo. The moment comes late in the third half of this quasi-sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and it a shame that this trio fell off for the last thirteen years.

If this short stretch of a reunion is any indication, Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith could cr[...]

3) Nicolas Cage is at it again, this time starring as a mercenary-turned-hotel owner named Arana (Spanish for 'spider') in one of those performances that will make you scratch your head until your face looks like this. In fact, just about the thing ever written about Kill Chain is a brief item in The Hollywood Reporter 2018 coverage of Cannes at [...]

Rudd headlines the new Netflix comedy as Miles Elliott, a burnt-out and embittered suburban everyman who visits a mysterious cutting edge spa with the promise of coming out a better version of himself and winds up with an impossibly perfect clone that he cannot stand instead.

Created by Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show) and directed by Little Miss Sunshine duo Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Living with Your[...]

Enter Soderbergh and his frequent screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, who use Jake Bernstein book Secrecy World as source material to craft a largely compelling, often funny, and ultimately infuriating ensemble film that uses its starpower, direct address, and an unforgettable fi[...]

The veteran actor (Before trilogy, First Reformed) digs deep in the brand new trailer for Adopt a Highway, a somber redemption drama from first-time filmmaker Logan Marshall-Green, known as an actor in works like The Invitation and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Hawke, sporting long slicked back hair an[...]

Official Trailer for Romantic Drama 'Angelfish' Starring Princess Nokia'I gotta take care of my family.

' Dark Star Pictures has debuted an official trailer for an indie romantic drama titled Angelfish, which is headed straight-to-VOD in November.

Set in The Bronx in 1993, the film is about a young couple from two completely different worlds, [...]

Jeremy Clapin impressive first feature, this French animated movie is an artsy, macabre, mostly very emotional story told from the point of view of a severed hand with a case of reverse missing limb, who is on an epic quest to reunite with its owner. Taking a minimalist, nearly lyrical approach to storytelling, Clapin opens his movie w[...] is a property of
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